Caleb had
  • problem
  • promise
  • patience
  • posession
  • protection
 But Caleb quited the people before Moses and said
"Let us go up at once
  and occupy it,
  for we are well able to overcome it."       
Numbers 13: 30   NRSV Harper Study Bible Zondervan Grand Rapids1991
When the people grumbled,
Caleb asked Moses to promise Him Mt Hebron.   
During 40 years  in the wilderness Caleb remained wholeheartly towards the Lord.
He had seen the land of milk and honey
and remained steadfast.
When they came into the promised land
"according to the commandment of the Lord to Joshua"
Caleb was given Mt Hebron.       Joshua 15 v 13
My reading suggests the Calebites lived on Mt Hebron for Centuries.


Caleb was a man of faith, a capacity to overcome adversity

a man who can receive a promise and a vision from God

and held onto it until the day of it's fulfillment.





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